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Who May Not Want to Read this Guide?

If you are already operating a DNSSEC-signed zone, you may not learn much from the first half of the document, and you may want to start with Chapter 6, Advanced Discussions. If you want to learn about details of the protocol extension, such as data fields and flags, or the new record types, this document can help you get started but it won't include all the technical details. If you are experienced in DNSSEC, you may find some of the concepts in this document to be overly simplified for your taste, and some details may be purposely omitted at times for illustration. If you administer a large or complex BIND environment, this guide may not provide enough information for you, as it is intended to provide the most basic, generic working examples. If you are a TLD operator, or administer zones under signed TLDs, this guide can help you get started, but does not provide enough details to serve all of your needs. If your DNS environment uses DNS products other than (or in addition to) BIND, this document may provide some background or overlapping information, but you should check each product's vendor documentation for specifics. Finally, deploying DNSSEC on internal or private networks is not covered in this document, with the exception of a brief discussion in the section called “DNSSEC on Private Networks”.

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