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DNS History

    DNS History Timeline

    DNS roots over time

Automated DNS and DNSSEC Analysis and Monitoring

DNS Analysis Plans

DNS System Audit

Professional DNSSEC Consulting and DNSSEC Services

DNS Documentation

    BIND documentation

    List of BIND9 options

    DNS Encyclopedia

    DNS Essentials Book

    DNS Glossary

    DNSSEC Guide : Chapter 1. Introduction

    DNSSEC Guide : Who May Not Want to Read this Guide?

    DNSSEC Guide : What is DNSSEC?

    DNSSEC Guide : What does DNSSEC Add to DNS?

    DNSSEC Guide : How Does DNSSEC Change DNS Lookup?

    DNSSEC Guide : Why is DNSSEC Important? (Why Should I Care?)

    DNSSEC Guide : How does DNSSEC Change My Job as a DNS Administrator?

    DNSSEC Guide : Chapter 2. Getting Started

    DNSSEC Guide : Hardware Requirement

    DNSSEC Guide : Network Requirements

    DNSSEC Guide : Operational Requirements

    DNSSEC Guide : Chapter 3. Validation

    DNSSEC Guide : How To Test Recursive Server (So You Think You Are Validating)

    DNSSEC Guide : Validation Easy Start Explained

    DNSSEC Guide : Trust Anchors

    DNSSEC Guide : What's EDNS All About (And Why Should I Care)?

    DNSSEC Guide : Chapter 4. Signing

    DNSSEC Guide : How To Test Authoritative Zones (So You Think You Are Signed)

    DNSSEC Guide : Signing Easy Start Explained

    DNSSEC Guide : Working with Parent Zone

    DNSSEC Guide : Using NSEC3

    DNSSEC Guide : Maintenance Tasks

    DNSSEC Guide : Chapter 5. Basic Troubleshooting

    DNSSEC Guide : Visible Symptoms

    DNSSEC Guide : Logging

    DNSSEC Guide : Common Problems

    DNSSEC Guide : Negative Trust Anchors

    DNSSEC Guide : NSEC3 Troubleshooting

    DNSSEC Guide : Troubleshooting Example

    DNSSEC Guide : Chapter 6. Advanced Discussions

    DNSSEC Guide : Proof of Non-Existence (NSEC and NSEC3)

    DNSSEC Guide : Key Storage

    DNSSEC Guide : Key Management

    DNSSEC Guide : Other Topics

    DNSSEC Guide : Disadvantages of DNSSEC

    DNSSEC Guide : Chapter 7. Recipes

    DNSSEC Guide : Rollover Recipes

    DNSSEC Guide : NSEC and NSEC3 Recipes

    DNSSEC Guide : Reverting to Unsigned Recipe

    DNSSEC Guide : Self-signed Certificate Recipe

    DNSSEC Guide : Chapter 8. Commonly Asked Questions

    DNSSEC Guide

    DNSSEC Guide : Preface

    DNSSEC Guide : Acknowledgement

    DNSSEC Guide : License

DNS Software Implementations (others)

Looking for DNS Hostmasters (security issues and DNS errors)

Customer Portal

DNS Research

    DNSSEC Report 2020-10 for Top 100 Banking Institutions

    DNS Mistakes (Part 1): Missing or Added Trailing Dots

    DNS Mistakes (Part 2): Lots of Typos

    DNS over IPv6 Research 2020-11 for Fortune 500 Companies

    DNS over IPv6 for India Domains Sample (2020-12)

    TLD Delegation and Nameserver Failures (2020-09)

    DNS Nameserver Counts for Top Million Websites (2020-08)


    Responsible Vulnerability Disclosures

    Analyzing Reverse Lookup Nameservers within AFRINIC (2021-01)

    Running ancient 1990 BIND 4 on modern Internet

    Russia Government Domains Analysis (2021-07)

    ASN and Network Prefixes for TLD Nameservers (2021-10)

    Summary of Audit of Top Ten Domains for Top TLDs (2021-10)

    Summary of Analysis for Single Top Ranked Domain for Each TLD

    DNSSEC Research for Largest 100 Banks (2022-12)

    Analyzing OpenNIC DNS (2022-01)

    SPF Record Problems (2022-05)

    Top Ten Most Frequent Test Failures (2022-04)

    DNS over IPv6 for Czech Republic Domains (2024-02)

    Finding out-of-sync TLD nameservers (2024-05)

    DNSSEC Report 2019-09 for Top 100 Banking Institutions

    Query Times Report 2019-08 for Top 100 Banking Institutions


    Potential Email Compromise via Dangling DNS MX

    Unregistered Dangling DNS Targets under Provider Domains

    Dangling MX Unregistered/NXDOMAIN

    Dangling MX available for Resell

    SPF Dangling DNS targets

    DNS over IPv6 Report 2019-10 for Fortune 500 (US) Companies

    IPv6 Report 2020-06 for US Government and Military Domains

    DNS Lame Delegations Report 2019-11


Professional Technical Support and Consulting for DNS

DNS and DNSSEC Training Classes

    DNS Fundamentals and BIND Server Administration Training

    DNS Job Task Analysis

    Course Policies

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