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This document is originally authored by Josh Kuo of DeepDive Networking. The guide was developed, managed, and edited by Jeremy C. Reed.

Thanks to the following individuals (in no particular order) who have helped in completing this document: Jeremy C. Reed, Heidi Schempf, Stephen Morris, Jeff Osborn, Vicky Risk, Jim Martin, Evan Hunt, Mark Andrews, Michael McNally, Kelli Blucher, Chuck Aurora, Francis Dupont, Rob Nagy and Ray Bellis.

Special thanks goes to Cricket Liu and Matt Larson for their selflessness in knowledge sharing.

Thanks to all the reviewers and contributors, including: John Allen, Jim Young, Tony Finch, Timothe Litt, and Dr. Jeffry A. Spain.

The sections on key rollover and key timing meta data borrowed heavily from the Internet Engineering Task Force draft titled "DNSSEC Key Timing Considerations" by S. Morris, J. Ihren, J. Dickinson, and W. Mekking, subsequently published as RFC 7583.

The recipe for TLSA self-signed certificate is based on the work of "A Step-by-Step guide for implementing DANE with a Proof of Concept" by Sandoche Balakrichenan, Stephane Bortzmeyer, and Mohsen Souissi (April 15, 2013) .

Icons made by Freepik and SimpleIcon from http://www.flaticon.com, licensed under Creative Commons BY 3.0 .

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