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Course Details and Policies


Please be sure to review and understand the course prerequisites.

Most courses require students to provide their own computer setup (like a laptop) with working networking capabilities, SSH client (like Putty or OpenSSH), and web browser.

Some courses cover advanced topics — and basic networking, Unix command-line shell, web browsing, and other skills may be required to fully take advantage of the training.

We may offer training for preparing for classes. Please contact us if you have any questions, need suggestions for advance training, or would like customized training to help prepare for our courses.


The DNS Institute's training offers a quick way to learn important administration skills. These courses provide a basis and essentials skills. Nevertheless, real-world, on-the-job experiences and further research are usually needed to become a competent, professional administrator. These courses are great for getting started with (or reviewing) these up-to-date skills.

Paying students may also retake the same class when offered again on a space-available basis at no training charge. (Depending on course there may be a nominal materials fee.) If the class is not offered again, paying students may be able to attend similar class at a fair discount.

If you are not satisfied during the first day of a multi-day class, you may receive a full refund. All class materials must be turned into the instructor before the second day's training.

Real-life Situations

Because many of our labs are in diverse locations usually with different hardware and network conditions, troubleshooting and problem solving may be needed for specific configurations.

If difficulties are encountered, the instructor will use this troubleshooting and problem solving as part of the instruction. This hands-on troubleshooting is a part of the learning experience.

Course Materials

Most of the handouts, supplementary articles, syllabi, outlines of study, and other additional training materials are developed and published by The DNS Institute.

These course materials generally are not copies of freely-available manual pages or How-Tos. They are specific for the course of study. (The freely-available, up-to-date documentation and guides are excellent references though.)

Please do not copy our copyrighted material without our permission.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

You may choose to reschedule to take another course without any rescheduling fees if notice is given at least five business days in advance. Rescheduling within five days of start of training event will result in 10% rescheduling fee.

Cancelling of planned attendance within five business days of start of training event results in 15% cancellation fee. (You will be charged 15-percent of the full price of the course even if you do not attend.) Notice of cancellation between five and 14 business days results in a 5% cancellation fee. The full payment will be refunded for cancellations made at least 15 business days before start of training event.

In the event of The DNS Institute cancelling a course, the full payment will be refunded. We will notify the student of cancellation at least ten calendar days before start of training. In cases of local or natural disaster, power outage, severe inclement weather conditions, or airline strike, notice of cancellation may be later. We may withdraw or add courses at any time without notice.


The DNS Institute reserves the right to cancel registrations when payments are received less than two weeks before start of training.

Please consider registering and paying for the class at least two weeks before the start of the training to reserve your spot in the class and so proper class preparations can be made. (Our evening and one-day lectures do not need this advanced notification, but it is helpful.)

All training is pre-paid. All travel expenses and per diem are not our responsibility.

Discounts are available for extra early registrations and for group registrations.

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