Negative Trust Anchors

BIND 9.11 introduced Negative Trust Anchors (NTAs) as a means to temporarily disable DNSSEC validation for a zone when you know that the zone's DNSSEC is mis-configured.

NTAs are added using the rndc command, e.g:

$ rndc nta
 Negative trust anchor added:, expires 14-Dec-2016 13:39:09.000

The list of currently configured NTAs can also be examined using rndc, e.g:

$ rndc nta -dump expiry 14-Dec-2016 13:39:09.000

The default lifetime of an NTA is one hour although, by default, BIND will poll the zone every five minutes to see if the zone now correctly validates, at which point the NTA will automatically expire. Both the default lifetime and the polling interval may be configured via named.conf, and the lifetime can be overriden on a per-zone basis using the -lifetime duration parameter to rndc nta. Both timer values have a permitted maximum value of one week.