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NSEC3 Troubleshooting

BIND includes a tool called nsec3hash that runs through the same steps a validating resolver would, to generate the correct hashed name based on NSEC3PARAM parameters. The command takes the following parameters in order: salt, algorithm, iterations, and domain. For example, if the salt is 1234567890ABCDEF, hash algorithm is 1, and iteration is 10, to get the NSEC3-hashed name for www.example.com we would execute a command like this:

$ nsec3hash 1234567890ABCEDF 1 10 www.example.com
RN7I9ME6E1I6BDKIP91B9TCE4FHJ7LKF (salt=1234567890ABCEDF, hash=1, iterations=10)

While it is unlikely you would construct a rainbow table of your own zone data, this tool might be useful to troubleshoot NSEC3 problems.

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