DNS Fundamentals and BIND Server Administration Training

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This hands-on BIND server administration class overs DNS basics and standard "named" administration skills, including: installation, standard configurations, troubleshooting, and analyzing name server state and logs. This course also introduces DNSSEC validation and signing zones.

The BIND suite is considered the most popular name server implementation, powering over 70-percent of all DNS. It is free, open source, and available for various Unix-type operating systems and Microsoft Windows platforms. This class will be taught using open source Unix operating systems, and most of the skills will also be applicable to maintaining BIND under Windows.

This class is designed for students who are new to open source Unix administration. Some Unix, BSD, or Linux experience would be helpful. Please contact us if needing introductory or refresher Unix shell training.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • basics of the DNS protocol
  • using DNS client tools
  • installation of BIND from pre-built packages
  • building and installing BIND from source
  • configuring the named.conf configuration file
  • common run-time settings
  • ACL rules
  • rndc control and basic control commands
  • starting, stopping, and restarting the service
  • chroot and startup environment, "named" command line switches
  • setting up "named" logging
  • analyzing logs
  • analyzing and controling the resolver cache
  • authoritative service and configuring own zones
  • delegation
  • enablng and testing zone transfers
  • DNSSEC basics
  • DNSSEC validation
  • DNSSEC signing
  • named internal concepts overview
  • standard DNS administration troubleshooting
  • understanding load and performance and tuning suggestions
  • security considerations
  • quick comparative overview of Unbound, NSD, PowerDNS, and Knot

Course Features:

  • Detailed course curriculum and hand-outs.
  • Instructor with lots of real world experiences.
  • Small class with one-on-one interaction.
  • Hands-on training and students will work on own test DNS system.
  • Certificate of course completion.

For higher level training, please see our Advanced BIND Server Administration Training course.

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